Schedule/Daily Activities

I like to keep my babies busy with play, very well fed and very well rested from naps. That way life is easier for the baby, and for the parents. The following schedule is just a general schedule and times of activities fluctuate depending on the day.

At 8-9AM — Parents are arriving to drop off their babies.

9-10AM — Babies have their first snack and then play together for a little before they nap.

10-11:30AM — They take their first nap.

11:30–12:30PM — Everyone is having their lunch.

12:30 to 2PM — After lunch begins the real playing, where we build with blocks, drawing and coloring (if the baby is old enough for this), shape training and learning shapes, learning letters, numbers, music and reading.

2-4PM — 2nd nap

4-5:30 — Snacktime and playtime and babies get ready to be picked up.

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