“Maya is fantastic. She is a warm, caring individual who loves babies. Maya was wonderful to work with and took excellent care of our daughter from when she was 8 weeks old until she was 6 months old. Our daughter adores Maya and is always happy to see her. I know she is well taken care of and loved by Maya. Our daughter has never been sick and Maya helped her establish great napping and eating routines. We feel so lucky to have Maya in our lives and we highly recommend her.”


Email Mishan

“Maya’s Day Care is simply the best in Hyde Park. My son was 11 weeks old when I returned to work and we needed someone who would reassure us that our infant was in good hands. Maya was that person. She has over 25 years experience as a childcare provider. She is warm, friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly, extremely reliable. Our son has formed a close bond with Maya and has thrived in her care. He has never been sick or had a fever in the time he has been with her, and Maya makes sure to give infants plenty of tummy time, and mental stimulation to keep them on track with their milestones. Were it not for the fact that our family is relocating, we would have stayed with Maya for years to come.”


Email Neesha

“My husband and I learned about Maya through word-of-mouth and from indirect correspondence with one of her former clients. As first-time parents, we were especially concerned to find a safe, nurturing, and intimate environment for our eight-month-old son. Maya’s daycare exceeded our expectations and put those concerns to rest! When we first interviewed Maya, our son warmed up to her immediately. As soon as he met her, he seemed to tell us, “She is the one!” It was as though he could sense the genuine love she has for little ones. Over the subsequent months, our son really bonded with Maya, and we knew we could trust her completely to take good care of him. Maya is also a scheduling guru for babies. Before starting with Maya, he was not on a schedule at home. But thanks to Maya’s expertise, the situation quickly improved. Our son soon began taking naps and eating meals at regular appointed times, and this routine has carried over wonderfully at home as well. Maya also helped make it easy for me to transition from nursing my son to feeding him bottles of pumped milk. Maya was great at making sure everything is properly stored. When we picked up Stanley, we always took note of his happy disposition. In fact, there were many occasions when he wasn’t ready to leave. Maya is very knowledgeable and a valuable resource for parents. We enthusiastically recommend her professional daycare services!”


Email Lori

“I cannot recommend Maya highly enough. Her day care is warm, welcoming and very clean. She is absolutely fantastic with babies and kids. She took care of our little one when he was a young baby, and he was always smiling and very happy. We are also new parents and we really appreciate all the advice and tips Maya gave us. She is really an outstanding professional and the kids felt loved and received plenty of stimulating interaction with her. And the parents can go to work with a piece of mind ! Again i would like to give my highest recommendation to Maya’s day care.”


Email Olivier

“I strongly recommend Maya’s Day care for anyone seeking care for their child! Maya looked over my daughter in the past few months (from 8 weeks old) and I have no words to express how happy we were. It was just a piece of mind. Before we meet Maya, we seek so many day cares and we felt from the beginning that we were extremely luck in having her as out caregiver. Maya has 25 years of experience looking over children, she LOVES kids, she has a sparkling clean place, lots of toys, bright place and peaceful environment for the children. She receive us with a smile and make you feel part of her own family. Sophia was always well fed, clean and rested when we pick her up. Maya was flexible with her schedule when I need it. In my opinion, you will hardly find a better person to look over your child!”


Email Vania

“I cannot say enough good things about Maya! She was our son’s sitter until we moved out of the area and we were very sad to lose her. She devotes her full attention to each child and gives each what he or she individually needs. She shared a special bond with our son and has done so much more than just supervise. Robin is a major asset and I would strongly recommend her!”


Email Divya

“As a parent who decided to pursue graduate school last fall, the question that haunted me all summer was who would I trust to care for my 3 month old son?  Ultimately, every parent’s goal is to enlist a caregiver who can provide the best possible care for their child so we often rely on reviews from other parents when making this important decision. This is why I would like to offer a review of my son’s caregiver, Maya, who was recommended to me by my husband’s colleague. There is only one way to describe our experience with Maya and that is absolutely POSITIVE. Maya has bounds of energy and enthusiasm for her work. She showered my son with kindness and motherly care and attention.  He would become very excited to see Maya each morning. My son has fussy eating and sleeping habits but Maya had no problem ensuring he was well fed and rested. She provided him with sufficient and meaningful play opportunities to enrich his growth and development. Her workspace was always clean and well organized. It was a huge relief to know that while I was in class, my son was receiving the highest quality of care and attention.”


Email Nahida

“Our son has been attending Maya’s Daycare since he was four months old. Initially as a new mother, I was concerned to leave my son in the care of others. Now I have peace of mind leaving him with Maya. She has a lot of experience and is very well organized. Maya is very energetic, thoughtful and truly cares about the babies. Everyday she is giving us information about baby feeding times, new achievements or any needs, which is very important for us. Our son is well-rested and happy when we’re picking him up. Additionally Maya’s Daycare is located in Regents Park building, which is very safe and clean place. Knowing that he is in good hands makes me feel a lot better about leaving him and going to work.”


Email Marcin

“Maya is an excellent childcare provider with over 20 years of experience taking care of children. She watched our first son for 2 years and we came back to her with our second son. Maya loves children and has a natural ability to work with infants. She has also helped us with many of the challenges that we faced as first-time parents. Maya is compassionate, hard working and never takes a day off. I don’t know how she does it”

~Shahir and Stephanie

Email Shahir and Stephanie Rizk


“We picked Maya (after many interviews with centers and other in-homes downtown and in HP) because she focused on babies. Her advice and attention helped us navigate those first few months. My daughter had horrible colic and Maya really help soothe her – she really has a gift with babies. Since joining Maya’s daycare, we became better parents and our daughter became an incredibly happy child!

Her care allows the babies grow and blossom on their own, but she also gets them on a schedule and routine – which allowed my daughter to really thrive. Maya sings, talks and dances with the babies to calm them rather than using bouncy chairs or pacifiers. During our time with Maya, she became part of our family!”


Email Angie

“Maya has taken care of our son Marc, who is now six months, since October. We are absolutely delighted about Maya’s services; Marc is thriving under her care. Every evening we get back a satisfied and smiling baby. By familiarizing Marc with a daily routine and clear rules Maya has made him much more relaxed and he suffers way less from fuziness than before we had him at Maya’s. Maya offers 100 per cent reliable services and we can recommend her very much. The only problem you might be facing is that you could get jealous as your baby will love Maya so much that she will get a lot of smiles from your baby – but your baby loving his/her day care mom isn’t that the most important thing?”

~Diana and Michael

Email Michael

“As a first time mother, I was nervous about leaving my son in the hands of someone else, especially at only 10 weeks of age. So, as trial run, I left my baby boy in Maya’s care for the first time for only four hours. When I picked him up, I was very happy to see that he was his usual smiling self. Maya also took the time to ease my concerns by promptly answering text messages as to how my baby was doing.

Since that initial day, my son continues to be happy and relaxed under Maya’s care, and is rapidly developing, as she continuously sings, and plays with him.

Maya is a rich resource for new parents, as she has ample experience, and gives many pointers on how to deal (successfully) with common infant-related issues.

We are now moving away from Chicago, and I hope I can find someone that loves and knows babies as well as Maya.”


“My husband and I are very happy with the care Maya has been providing to our daughter. We wholeheartedly recommend Maya’s daycare. Bianca started with Maya in December 2012 after we moved to Hyde Park. She was almost 10 months old. Maya was referred to me by Baby PhD as being especially good for infants and having many years of experience. Maya’s home daycare is pristine clean and very well organized.She is very loving with the babies. For instance, she doesn’t use highchair to feed the babies. She rather holds them so they can have more human contact and love when away from their parents. My daughter is always happy when we pick her up. I highly recommend Maya.”

~Gabriela and Cesar

Email Gabriela

“With one daughter who is 4 years old, looking for child care for my newborn second child felt daunting. I had already gone through the separation process once, so I no longer had the anxieties of many first-time parents. My issue was this: knowing how engaging older children can be, and knowing how unpredictable (and–let’s be honest–slow-paced) infants can be, it was important to me that I find a provider who was patient, and who truly enjoyed small babies. I also needed some flexibility and affordability, since I am a full-time student at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. After putting for a while, I was pleasantly surprised to receive three unsolicited, enthusiastic references to Maya within one week, from two current students and one alumna, all of whom had used Maya for child care in the past with their own children. I decided to check her out.

Maya’s home is located in the Regents Park building, convenient to anyone in Hyde Park (although I confess that I commute from much farther, Rogers Park, every day). The elevation (she’s on the 36th floor) and many windows that look upon Lake Michigan mean that the space is bright and inviting. Maya loves pink and purple; her place is decorated somewhat with these colors, and she greets me every morning in another fun outfit in one of these colors. This is perhaps a silly detail, but I believe it reflects a certain sense of fun and appeal to children that Maya offers. The space is set up for young children. The primary spaces she uses are the living room, which has a huge open area with bouncy chairs, baby gyms, and baby activity centers, and one bedroom in which she sets up pack-in-plays for the children.

I’m not sure how else to put this, but Maya understands babies. She completely “gets” the rhythm of their days (after all, she has been caring for babies for over 25 years), and she is extremely organized in balancing the schedules of multiple babies. In fact, watching Maya care for her babies is like watching a well-rehearsed dance. Maya is happy and good-humored, and she spends time talking individually with each person during the day, giving them tummy time when they are very little, stimulating them with different toys and music. Given the chaos that my own household frequently falls into (I admit it!), it is always impressive when I find my daughter and other babies quietly, happily enjoying themselves in their respective locations when I come to pick my daughter up every evening. I find the same scene when I drop my daughter off late or pick her up early–this is simply the atmosphere at Maya’s. My daughter’s transition to Maya was smooth. I am sure that she sensed Maya’s confidence and calm and was calm herself. Now she has been there for five or six months, and she smiles a big smile each morning when Maya greets her. She is always happy to be there.

Two other details that are worth mentioning:

* Most of Maya’s children are breastfed, so she is very comfortable working with breast milk

* In the 5.5 months that my daughter has been going to Maya, she has not been sick even once (considering that this is the November – February period, I know this is particularly impressive)

I am thrilled to have found Maya, and think she is a great child care provider, particularly for graduate students, professors, and employees of the University of Chicago who are new parents and looking for child care support. Also for anyone who lives in Regents Park, a trip up the elevator is the best commute to day care in the world (far better than my own) so this should be a total no-brainer!”


Email Janine

“We sent our son to Maya’s from age 6 weeks to 16 months. He was happy, well-fed and well-rested everyday. It was a great comfort to know that he was in a safe and loving environment while we were away. I’ve recommended Maya to all my friends in Hyde Park that have babies.”


Email Melanie

“I would suggest Maya’s Day Care to anyone who has little kids. My daughter loved Maya’s attention, love and care from day one. Maya takes care of the kids as if her own kids. You will have no worries if your kid is at Maya’s care since she gives real good attention to all the kids. Thanks Maya for all the help and love for our daughter. She still remembers her dear “Maya Miss” and loves coming back to you.”