A Little About Maya


Maya was born in Zagreb Croatia, where she went to the college of Economics and studied Export/Import. In 1984 she decided to move to Chicago and around 1987 she moved specifically to Hyde Park and realized that she loved caring for children after she started nannying for families and babysitting here in the Hyde Park area. After realizing how much she truly enjoyed caring for children she decided to start her own Day Care here in Hyde Park. She opened up her own in-home day care and has been caring for children ever since. She received a certificate from the University of Chicago and started watching babies right out of her own home! She set up a wonderful room for them to nap in and another room for them to play in. 


Here babies are put on a proper schedule for eating and napping and they also have time to socialize with friends and play. If babies are a little bit older they build and play with blocks, learn shapes, learn ABC’s, learn numbers. Maya’s Day Care is a comfortable warm environment where babies can truly enjoy each others’ company and grow at their own pace. It is an excellent alternative to parents who are not thrilled about leaving their babies at a large facility and for those that are looking for more of a personal and intimate connection between their baby and just one caregiver. Also babies here rarely get sick! 


Maya has received her certification from Blue Cross and Blue Shield through the University of Chicago and has 30+ years of experience. She is also a registered provider for Action for Children. She takes babies from the ages of 6 weeks to 3 years old and absolutely loves working with them. She puts them on a great eating and napping schedule which gives them much more structure in their schedules and parents have quickly seen results and continue to thank her even after they have left! She loves what she does and will continue to offer her services as long as she can. Thank you for checking out the website and contact Maya if you need any more info! Don’t forget to check the references page for references and take care!

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