Welcome to Maya’s Day Care!


Hello! And Welcome to Maya’s Day Care!


Maya’s Day Care is an in-home day care that focuses on top quality care and structure to improve a baby’s quality of life for the important first couple of years. Maya’s Day Care also proves to be an excellent alternative for parents wanting a more intimate approach with a caregiver and the baby. This is something you just cannot get at a large day care facility. The focus here is on the baby and the attention and care is a lot more personal and intimate. The environment here is very safe, warm, and promotes a much more personal bond and connection between the caregiver and baby.


Babies love it here and can truly grow at their own pace and really bond with other children around them and form great young friendships. Maya, who is the owner of the day care specializes in infants and toddlers from the ages of 6 weeks to 2 years old. Maya has an incredible long term record of experience working with babies spanning over 30 years! She works with small babies right out of her own home here in the Hyde Park area of Chicago and she absolutely loves what she does.


Also don’t take our word for her high quality care, check out what parents are saying on the references page. We hope to have your little one in Mayas care soon so that they will get the best possible care available.


Baby at mayas day care